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Library / 04.03.2022

We caught up with Patricia Cumper and Pauline Walker, hosts and founders of The Amplify Project. A podcast that explores the work, lives, and inspiration of Black writers for the stage, page, and screen through a series of relaxed and intimate interviews. We spoke with the podcasting duo about why they started The Amplify Project and what the future holds for them. Discover your next favourite read with book recommendations from Pauline and Patricia over on the Hampshire Libraries blog. If you would like to find out more about...

Books, Library, Reading / 10.07.2020

This edition of the podcast features an interview with rising star Sara Collins, winner of 2019's First Novel prize at the Costa Book Awards. The Confessions of Frannie Langton begins in 1826 at the Old Bailey murder trial of a former slave accused of the murder of her employers Mr and Mrs Benham. Sara has talked about how, as a black woman, she’d initially been reluctant to write a novel about a woman who had been a slave, but realized that, as a younger reader, she’d have loved...