Mini episode 7 | Claire Gradidge interview | Love your library
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Claire Gradidge interview Love Your Library podcast

Mini episode 7 | Claire Gradidge interview

This month’s mini podcast features an interview with another Hampshire writer who’s had remarkable success with her debut novel The Unexpected Return of Josephine Fox.


Claire Gradidge picked up the winner’s prize for the Richard and Judy search for a bestseller in 2019 with this World War Two crime novel set in Romsey, the town in which she was born and brought up.

During the interview, Claire talks about some of the important themes of her book; about her need to give its victim a voice and an identity; and about the old systems of power and status which were beginning to crumble at this time. The main character of the book, Josephine, returns to her home town to uncover the secrets of her parentage some decades after being cast out by her family. She arrives the day after the local pub has been bombed where the unidentified body of a teenage girl has been found. Who is she and how did she get there? Josephine teams up with her childhood friend Bram, to solve the riddle of the girl’s death and to unlock her own personal mystery.


The Unexpected Return of Josephine Fox is one of July’s unlimited titles on BorrowBox and is free to download as an ebook or audiobook.


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