Jacqueline Roy Interview | Mini Episode | Love your library
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Jacqueline Roy The Gosling Girl

Jacqueline Roy Interview | Mini Episode

For this mini episode of the Love Your Library podcast, we were joined by author Jacqueline Roy, who spoke to us about her latest book, The Gosling GirlSet to be released in January 2022, The Gosling Girl follows the aftermath of Michelle Cameron’s release from imprisonment, years after the horrifying crime she committed as a child has taken place. Exploring themes of memory, trauma, powerlessness and identity, Jacqueline describes the book as a ‘whydunnit’ as opposed to a ‘whodunnit’, as she unpeels the relationship (and fine line) between victim and perpetrator.

Hattie spoke to Jacqueline about the kind of research it takes to write a book like this, why delving into characters’ complexities is one of the pleasures of being an author, and what libraries mean to her.

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