No Harm Done | Jack Jordan Interview | Love your library
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Jack Jordan Do No Harm

No Harm Done | Jack Jordan Interview

Jack Jordan is the author joining us on this edition of the Love Your Library podcast, here to talk about his latest book Do No Harm. Do No Harm is a high-concept thriller that explores the chilling premise of what might happen if a skilled surgeon and mother was given the ultimatum to commit murder on the operating table in order to save her son. Lauded by critics and writers alike, including previous Love Your Library guest Louise Candlish, Do No Harm is guaranteed to get your pulse racing and leave you on a knife edge waiting to turn the page.

We also caught up with Libby, who works at a selection of our libraries in the east of Hampshire, about her recommended read – River Kings by Cat Jarman. Tracing a line through Viking history, River Kings begins with a carnelian bead, recently discovered in an excavated Viking grave in Repton, and follows it across the globe. This work of non-fiction blends expert archaeology and anthropology with superb storytelling, to entertain as much as educate readers.

And if you’re heading to a library in Hampshire this month, you might notice our teams preparing for this year’s Summer Reading Challenge. This nationwide initiative, run by The Reading Agency, is designed to get kids reading during the summer months. Children can read six library books throughout the summer holidays and receive a certificate and medal. Parents can keep an eye on the Kids’ Zone of Hampshire Libraries’ website for information on how to sign up, activities and resources to keep young ones entertained all summer long.

Thanks to Jack Jordan, Libby and to our supporter BorrowBox, the library app that lets you download free eBooks and audiobooks straight to your phone or tabled.

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