Helen Fields Interview | Mini Episode | Love your library
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Helen Fields interview The Shadow Man

Helen Fields Interview | Mini Episode

If you’ve been riveted by tv shows like Mindhunter and Criminal Minds which focus on the work of FBI profilers, you’ll be gripped by Helen Fields’ new book The Shadow Man.

Set in Edinburgh, the book follows the work of outsiders Dr Connie Woolwine, a profiler from the FBI, and the very English DI Brodie Baarda, a kidnapping specialist, who team up to solve the disappearance of a young mother from the city. In this interview, Helen talks about the real life FBI profiler who provided insight for this book, the inspiration of Edinburgh, and how much Romsey Library meant to her as a child. She also talks about her popular series of crime novels featuring Ava Turner and Luc Callanach which debuted with the bestseller Perfect Remains.

Thanks to Helen and to our supporter BorrowBox.

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