Behind The Lines | Andy McNab interview | Love your library
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Andy McNab behind the lines podcast interview Hampshire

Behind The Lines | Andy McNab interview

This month’s episode of Love Your Library features an interview with Bravo Two Zero author Andy McNab, where he gives us the low-down on his latest book, Whatever It Takes.

The story of one man’s pursuit of revenge and justice against overwhelming odds, Whatever It Takes follows James Mercer as he embarks upon a journey to right the wrongs suffered by his family – a devastating blow that left them in financial ruin. In this action-packed thriller, revenge must come at a price, and he will stop at nothing to make sure that price is paid.

The library team at Winchester Discovery Centre provide no less than four recommendations for this podcast, and they couldn’t be more different:

Let us know if you’ve read and enjoyed any of the books we’ve talked about. If you liked this Andy McNab interview on Love Your Library, we’d love to hear from you! Get in touch through the Hampshire Libraries website.

Thanks to our guest Andy McNab and to Jordan, Claire, Jeremy and Sam for their book reviews. And many thanks once again to Doc Jon for our podcast music.

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