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Books, Library, Reading / 19.11.2021

In this edition of Love Your Library, Kate caught up with bestselling historian and novelist Alison Weir. Her latest novel, Katharine Parr: The Sixth Wife, follows the story of the survivor of Henry VIII’s rule in the final instalment of Alison’s Six Tudor Queens series. We spoke with Alison about the difficulties of writing fiction about historical figures and the trials of Katharine Parr. Other writing from Alison Weir includes Queen of the Crusades, In the Shadow of Queens, and A Tudor Christmas. Isaac and Craig also spoke with Vicky...

Books, Children's / 23.04.2020

Listen now to our fourth mini episode of the Love Your Library podcast, this time featuring an interview with Joseph Coelho. Joseph Coelho is a children's playwright and poet who was chosen to host the bedtime reading hour for this year's World Book Night (Thursday 23 April 2020). He works extensively in schools and won the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education Poetry Award in 2015 for his first poetry collection, Werewolf Club Rules! In this mini episode hosted by Mary Stone, Joseph talks to another Mary - our colleague...