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Books, Library, Reading / 26.04.2021

This mini episode features an interview with Emma Kennedy: comedian, TV presenter, actor, scriptwriter, author and Twitter star. Emma’s latest novel, The Never-Ending Summer is set in the summer of 1971 when best friends Agnes and Bea decide on one last adventure before their adult lives begin. And while Agnes heads off to London, her mother Florence, sets off on her own voyage of self-discovery into Europe. Emma talks to Kate about how her own teenage life provided the inspiration for the book and about the impact of...

Books, Library, Reading / 11.01.2021

Will Dean is our guest author for this mini episode of the Love Your Library podcast, talking about his brand new book The Last Thing to Burn. You may already know Will from his brilliant series about Swedish journalist Tuva, which began with the much acclaimed novel Dark Pines and was followed by Red Snow and Black River. Will is a romantic ideal of an author, living with his family in a cabin in the middle of a Swedish elk forest, as isolated as one of the characters...