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Books / 19.10.2020

October’s edition of the Love Your Library podcast features an interview with one of the UK’s best-loved and most successful authors: Anthony Horowitz. The adaptation of his hugely successful teenage Alex Rider spy series is currently in production for a second blockbuster TV series. Anthony is also a highly acclaimed writer for adults with two Sherlock Holmes novels (The House of Silk and Moriarty) as well as Trigger Mortis, a new James Bond novel. In this Anthony Horowitz interview, he visited our virtual studio to discuss his new...

Books / 17.06.2020

In this month’s mini podcast episode Mary interviews talented local writer Judith Heneghan about her debut novel Snegurochka. Judith grew up in Hampshire, studied at the University of York, worked as a commissioning editor and later spent time in Kiev, Moscow and Islamabad before settling in Winchester. She has a doctorate in Creative Arts, has written extensively for young people and lectures in creative writing. Snegurochka is her first book for adults. Set in Kiev in 1992, the story follows the character of Rachel, a troubled young English mother who joins her...