Mandy Robotham Interview | Mini Episode | Love your library
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The Berlin Girl, Mandy Robotham Love Your Library podcast

Mandy Robotham Interview | Mini Episode

This episode of the Love Your Library podcast features an interview with Mandy Robotham, author of The German Midwife and The Secret Messenger. Hattie spoke to Mandy about her latest release – another brilliant historical novel, this time set in the heart of a Berlin on the brink of war. Mandy’s no stranger to an exciting and varied career – having worked as both a journalist and a midwife before settling (for now!) on a career in writing.
The Berlin Girl follows Georgie, a foreign correspondent reporting on the experience of life in 1938 Berlin, as she navigates the increasingly tense world around her. Unsettled in a landscape of Nazi flags and hostility, Georgie begins to uncover the truth about Hitler’s Germany, finding herself pulled down a path darker than she ever imagined.
If you enjoyed this episode with Mandy Robotham, you might like our interview with Heather Morris about Stories of Hope, her eye-opening follow up to bestsellers The Tattooist of Auschwitz and Cilka’s Journey.

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