Foul Lady Fiction | Chloe Gong Interview | Love your library
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Chloe Gong Last Violent Call podcast interview

Foul Lady Fiction | Chloe Gong Interview

International bestseller Chloe Gong joins us on this episode of the Love Your Library podcast to talk about her latest release, Last Violent Call. Containing two captivating novellas that expand upon her Secret Shanghai series, Last Violent Call allows the stories from the world of These Violent Delights and Foul Lady Fortune to continue.

Hattie speaks to Chloe about the emotional weight of finishing off a series, her upcoming projects (including the highly anticipated Immortal Longings, which is out in July 2023), and what it’s like being a young author in the era of BookTok.

We also chat with Nicci from the Hampshire Libraries team, whose book recommendation of The Perfect Golden Circle is an appropriately warming antidote to enduring cold weather.

Find a list of the books mentioned in this episode below, and don’t forget to head over to the Hampshire Libraries website to check out its new look.


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